What happens if the taxes become delinquent?

If the taxes become delinquent and no payment arrangement is in place with our office collection action begins. Second notices are mailed after the delinquency date (January 6) to advise property owners of delinquent taxes owing even to those with payment arrangements (our software cannot separate those with an arrangement and those that do not). 

Per North Carolina General Statues (NC.G.S.) 105-368 a tax collector may attach wages and other compensation, rents, bank deposits, the proceeds of property subject to levy or any other intangible personal property, including property held in the Escheat Fund. Also NC.G.S. Chapter 105A allows for property owner's state income tax refund or lottery winnings to be attached and garnished. If there are no intangible assets to be found and the tax remains unpaid information is turned over to the city attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings.

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