How do I apply for a City position?

Applications may be downloaded from the Town of Morehead City-Human Resources website as a PDF or an online application.

In addition, once a job opening is advertised, applications are available at any Employment Security Commission (ESC) location.

Applications will only be accepted for vacant positions. All applications will be accepted by the following: 

 Submit a completed Town of Morehead City employment application on or before the closing date listed for each position. Note that a separate application is required for each position for which you are applying.  Applications WILL NOT be accepted at City offices or departments.  Resumes can be included but will not be accepted in lieu of the application.  

To ensure your application is valid and does not get rejected:

  • Only apply for those positions for which you meet the minimum requirements (minimum requirements may be met through an equivalent combination of education, experience, and training which provides the necessary skills and knowledge needed to perform the job).
  • Fill in all information that is requested on the application as this will be used to determine qualifications for the position.
  • If printing application, print legibly and clearly.
  • Application must be signed and dated.
  • Failure to finish the application completely, including signature and date, may result in not being considered for the job opening.

Included with each application is a supplemental data form used for demographic data collection and statistical reporting to the EEOC. This form is filed separately from the employment application and is not provided to the personnel responsible for making hiring decisions. The employment application and supplement is confidential and not open for public record.

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