Electronic Devices

The Morehead City Library offers a variety of electronic devices to our patrons, some of which are available for borrowing. Patrons choosing to borrow a device will be required to complete the Electronic Device Lending Agreement (PDF) at the circulation desk before checking the item out.

Available DevicesLaptop computer

Laptop Computer

Laptop computers are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and documents kept in cloud-based storage. Your work needs to be stored on a flash drive. 

Check out for 7 days.

Apple iPadApple iPad

The Webb offers iPads for checkout to parents or children who do not have access to a smartphone or tablet, who would like to read iVox books.

Check out for 7 days.


Vox™ Books combine outstanding picture books and non-fiction with audio recordings and motion that capture children’s attention and make learning and literacy development fun.

Download the iVox App on your smartphone or tablet or check out an iPad for 7 days.

Oculus Virtual RealityVirtual reality goggles and equipment

Virtual reality is a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology. With a headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there, or play a game as though you’re in it.

Checkout for 7 days or use the one in the library.

Learn more about Oculus Quest 2.

3-D Printerxmaker 3d printer

3D printing isn’t just about making things, no more than reading a novel is about getting to the last sentence in the book. It’s about learning, testing the limits of your creativity, finding new solutions to old problems, and participating in a rapidly changing and growing field of technology! 

The X-Maker 3D Printer is available in the makerspace for patrons to print designs. To learn more about the device, check out the User Manual and How-To Video on the X-Maker website.

Must be used in the library and there may be a cost for materials