Animal Control

Welcome to the Morehead City Animal Control Page.  Please see options below for assistance with your animal control needs:

rabid foxIf you need assistance with a rabid animal please call Carteret County Animal Control at: 252-728-8585.


If you need assistance with a wildlife issue such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes or alligators please contact the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission at 919-707-4011 or visit   You can also contact Michael Kennedy with Adventure Wildlife Services at 252-671-7966.  This is a private company which charges a fee to the homeowner. 

The trapping and/or removal of wildlife requires approval from the NC department of Wildlife and the property owner is responsible for securing an required licenses or permits as required by State law. 

loose dogIf you need help with a loose or stray dog, animal bites, or aggressive animals in Morehead City please call the Carteret Communications Center: 252-726-7911.


feral-cat-humane-trapIf you need assistance from our City Kitty Committee to trap a cat, please contact: Kathy Eagle at 252-726-6848 ext. 110.

If you're looking to trap a feral cat on your own meow 1property, HERE is the form to rent a trap with a refundable security deposit of $25. Bring application and deposit to Morehead City Police Department located at 300 North 12th Street. Once you have trapped the cat you need to contact the Carteret County Animal Control at: 252-728-8585 to schedule a cat pick-up as their schedule allows. If you want the cat returned after being spayed/neutered, please notify animal control, otherwise, the cat will not be returned to the neighborhood.

Click here for Feral Cat Task Force Information