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To Take Classes at Morehead City Recreation Center, you must have an annual fitness pass or a $5 annual Class-Only pass.


Barre Fitness - December 2020

Triangle Pose

During the month of December, the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Department will be offering Barre Fitness at the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Center.  This program will be offered on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM as well as Thursdays at 9:00AM. The month-long session will cost $20 (ex; if you would like to attend both class-times for the month, the cost would be $40). Please register online. Class-goers need to bring water, a yoga mat or towel is optional. This class is a hybrid of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet Flexibility and will consist of stretching/strengthening of all major muscle groups, creating lean and long muscles without bulk, and strengthening abdominal and back muscles improving balance and back pain. Barre is a healthy challenge for all ages. Drop-ins are accepted.  There is a $10 drop-in fee.  For more information contact Victoria Ward at or call 252-726-5083.