Fitness Classes

 Fitness Class Calendar

To Take Classes at Morehead City Recreation Center, you must have an annual fitness pass or a $5 annual Class-Only pass.


Barre Fitness on the Deck 

Beginning in September, the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Department will be offering a fitness class called Barre Fitness on the Deck.  This program will be offered on Tuesdays at 7:45 AM as well as Thursdays at 10:00AM at Ottis Landing Weigh Station and Deck. The month-long session will cost $20 (ex; if you would like to attend both class-times for the month, the cost would be $40). Pre-Registration is required. Class-goers need to bring water, a yoga mat or towel is optional. This class is a hybrid of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet Flexibility and will consist of stretching/strengthening of all major muscle groups, creating lean and long muscles without bulk, and strengthening abdominal and back muscles improving balance and back pain. Barre is a healthy challenge for all ages. For more information contact Victoria Ward at or call 252-726-5083.