The Zoning Division of the Planning and Inspections Department assists in the enforcement of land use and development laws adopted by the Town Council, included in the Town's Code of Ordinances and identified as the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Zoning Code Enforcement Officers review applications for permits, perform inspections, investigate and process complaints, and present cases to the Board of Adjustment for review.


The Town's Planning/Zoning Jurisdiction includes properties inside the City limits as well as outside the City limits (known as the extraterritorial jurisdiction). Each property is assigned a zoning designation which corresponds with a district listed in the UDO.


A review of the permitted use table of the UDO will clarify if a particular use is a permitted use, a special use, or not allowed. If the use is permitted, the development standards (including setback, lot coverage, height, minimum lot area, parking, landscaping, and for some uses, additional requirements) must be met.

Upon presentation of this proof, along with other required local, state or federal permits/approvals, a permit is issued and construction or operation may begin. If the use is allowed as a special use, the issue must go to the Board of Adjustment for review in a quasi-judicial manner, or if the development will not meet one or more of the development standards, a variance (or special use in the case of nonconforming lots, structures or uses) must be requested from the Board of Adjustment.

Other Responsibilities

The Zoning Division is also responsible for the following:

  • Assigning addresses to new developments or correction of existing addresses for inclusion in Carteret County's Enhanced-911 (E911) system.
  • Processing of nuisance properties and conditions.
  • Providing letters for the State for automobile dealerships.
  • Review of applications and issuance of fence permits.
  • Review of applications and issuance of sign permits.
  • Review of applications for ALE licenses.
  • Review of plans for compliance with Design Guidelines.
  • Tagging and towing of junk, abandoned and nuisance vehicles on private property.
  • Verification of FEMA flood zone and map numbers.