Effective November 1, 2022.


Voluntary Annexation$350 plus actual costs

Board of Adjustment

Appeal (Refunded if Granted)$375* plus actual costs
Deposit on Advertising (All Board of Adjustment Requests)$100
Special Use Permit$375* plus actual costs
Variance$375* plus actual costs

City Map

Small (11 inches by 17 inches or smaller)$8
Medium (up to 3 feet by 4 feet)$30
Large (larger than 3 feet by 4 feet)$40
Special Order$40 per hour

Miscellaneous Fees

Flood Determination Letter
Zoning Compliance Letter
Zoning Verification Letter
Zoning Permit$25

Planning Board

Extension of Approval (Major Subdivision)$100
Final | Subdivision (Major)$100 + $10 / lot
Landscape Plan Review$300
Multi-Family Site Plan Review$275
Ordinance Text Amendment$425* plus actual costs
Preliminary | Subdivision (Major)$300 + $10 / lot
Rezoning (except PD or Conditional Zoning)$500* plus actual costs
Rezoning for PD or Conditional Zoning$500* plus applicable site plan review fee
Site Development Master Plan$200 + $10/lot
Sketch | Subdivision (Major)$200 + $10/lot
Subdivision (Exempt)$25
Subdivision (Minor)$100 plus actual costs
Subdivision Recreation FeePer Unified Development Ordinance

Site Plan Review

Additional Submittals50% of Original Charge
Commercial- value less than or equal to $50,000$100
Commercial- value from $50,001 to $200,000$200
Commercial- value from $200,001 to $350,000$300
Commercial- value from $350,001 to $500,000$400
Commercial- value greater than $500,001$500
Residential (individual lot)$25

Streets & Alleys

Right-of-Way Usage/Sidewalk Cafe$100
Street Name Change$100 plus actual costs
Street or Alley Closing/Abandonment$300 plus actual costs