The Planning Division of the Planning and Inspections Department assists in the review of development proposals consistent with short and long-range plans and development laws adopted by the Town Council, including the Core Land Use Plan and Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)Planners review applications, research and draft Town-Initiated objectives, and present proposals before the Planning Board and Council.



The Town's Planning/Zoning Jurisdiction includes properties inside the City limits as well as outside the City limits (known as the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ)). 



Ordinance Text & Map (Rezoning) Amendments

A review of the Core Land Use Plan’s Maps, Descriptions, and Policies may clarify within which Neighborhood Planning Area and Future Land Use Classification a property may be located. Additional Land Use and Development Policies may apply. Please contact Planning Staff to discuss amendment procedures and requirements before submitting an application.



A review of the UDO may clarify if a development is a majorminor, or expedited subdivision and what information would be required on the plat. Planned, multifamily, and other developments may be subject to additional requirements and reviews. Please contact Planning Staff to discuss subdivision procedures and requirements before submitting an application.


The Planning Division conducts a planning review and coordinates other applicable Town departmental approvals. Once an application is technically complete, the request for an amendment or subdivision may be presented to the Planning Board and Council.


Other Responsibilities 

The Planning Division is also responsible for the following: 

  • Review and coordination of Subdivision Exemption and Expedited Subdivision signatures
  • Review of Street/Alley Closing applications
  • Review of Annexation applications
  • Creation and maintenance of the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Administration of the Town’s National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) 
  • Review of public records request and maintenance of files and records, per the State’s Records Retention Policy