Planning & Inspections

The Morehead City Planning and Inspections Department performs administrative, technical, and professional work in coordinating planning, building inspection, and zoning activities. Administration of the Unified Development Ordinance, a compilation of all development regulations including zoning and subdivision regulations, is under its purview. The Department's hours of operation are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Planning Division

The Planning Division processes requests for rezoning, text amendment, land use plan amendment, subdivision, annexation, and street and alley closure; researches land use issues; proposes draft ordinance amendments; oversees the Town's geographical information system (GIS); oversees development and update of various Town plans such as the comprehensive plan, floodplain management plan, bicycle plan, and pedestrian plan; manages the Town's Community Rating System (CRS); and coordinates certain grant requests. The Planning Division also coordinates all activity and requests for the Planning Board.

Inspections Division

The Inspections Division conducts review of construction plans, issues building permits for commercial and residential buildings and structures as well as demolition requests, inspects permitted work, evaluates severely dilapidated structures for potential condemnation, assists with minimum housing enforcement, and oversees floodplain administration. 

Zoning Enforcement Division

The Zoning Enforcement Division conducts reviews of site plans for commercial and residential buildings and structures, and reviews other requests such as applications for tents, fences, signs, RVs, fill, storage containers, and manufactured homes. The Zoning Enforcement Division also reviews plans for lighting, multifamily developments, parking, and landscaping; performs zoning inspections; investigates and processes complaints regarding potential violations of land use, nuisance, and minimum housing regulations; coordinates addressing; and coordinates all activity and requests for the Board of Adjustment.